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Embedded Sensors

Title code Project Title Abstract
IAS01 The Development of a Blood Leakage Monitoring System for the Applications in Hemo dialysis Therapy View
IAS02 A Low Cost, Highly Scalable Wireless Sensor Network Solution to Achieve Smart LED Light ControlforGreen Buildings View
IAS03 Automatic Loom Control System using Proximity Sensor View
IAS04 A ZigBee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System with RFID and GPS View
IAS05 An Embedded Passive Resonant Sensor Using Frequency Diversity Technology for High Temperature Wireless Measurement View
IAS06 Passive and Semi-Passive Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors Based on EPC Generation-2 UHF Protocol View
IAS07 Thermal Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node in Aluminum Core PCB Technology View
IAS08 An Ultrasonic and Vision-Based Relative Positioning Sensor for Multi robot Localization View
IAS09 Automatic Analyzing and Control Of Paper Machine using Embedded Controller View
IAS10 Segregation of Electronic Components using MATLAB and Embedded System View
IAS11 Dashboard automation and vehicle parameter controlling system using CAN Protocol View