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Embedded automation

Title code Project Title Abstract
IAA01 Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Human Intelligence Modeling and Control in GTAW View
IAA02 Stochastic Cost-Profit Tradeoff Model for Locating an Automotive Service Enterprise View
IAA03 An Automatic Screening Approach for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Based on Single-Lead Electrocardiogram View
IAA04 Energy Efficient Ethernet for Real-Time Industrial Networks View
IAA05 A Sensor-Based Dual-Arm Tele-Robotic System View
IAA06 Automatic Traffic Camera Control For Vehicles Breaking Traffic Rules View
IAA07 Automatic Control System for Thermal Comfort Based on Predicted Mean Vote and Energy Saving View
IAA08 Topological Indoor Localization and Navigation for military application View
IAA09 Autonomous Mobile Robot Toward Welding Robot With Human Knowledge A Remotely-Controlled Approach View
IAA10 Low-Dimensional Effective Learning for Complex Robots View
IAA11 Data Analysis & Control of Panel Board using embedded system View
IAA12 Automatic Head Light Tilting and Intensity Control System for Automotive?s View
IAA13 Traffic Light Violation Monitoringand vehicle tracking system using LI-FI and GPS View
IAA14 Design and implementation of car driving controller system for physically handicapped View